It is not just the striking appearance that glass renders to a space that makes it a cherished material, but the connection it establishes with the outdoors and the natural light it filters in. The native identity of glass has been one of being fragile and delicate. And even over decades of technological advancements, the misconceptions still prevail. People continue to remain misinformed and ignorant of the fact that modern-day glass is anything but fragile. Despite retaining the delicacy of regular glass in looks, the character of modern-day glass is that of strength and extreme durability capable of withstanding heavy external impacts. Toughened glass, tempered glass, or safety glass is one such member of the glass family known to be robust and sturdy. The applications of glass are boundless and we are here to serve anyone and everyone.

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In many countries worldwide, the government has mandated the use of toughened glass in high-rise buildings as they can handle the air pressure and are lightweight. The regular annealed glass would succumb in such pressure areas. Due to its structural strength, it is used in residential applications such as glass doors, partition walls, and windows on the side of buildings.


In-office spaces, toughened glass can enhance the environment when used in glass doors, desks, and partitions. Tempered glass is also low-maintenance and can be easily cleaned. Moreover, using glass partitions creates the illusion of a more spacious workplace by making the area seem more significant than it is.


Tabletops and shelves made of toughened glass help you store your belongings without worrying about the weight. It doesn’t just end here; toughened glass is also effectively used in washbasins, canopies, and even your mobile screens!

Home appliances:

Toughened glass products can be found in restaurants, hotels, bars, and other foodservice applications. They increase safety standards in these applications, by reducing the chance of glass-related accidents. Some types of tempered glass used in home appliances are:

  • Cooktops
  • Fridge
  • Microwave and Oven
  • Switch glass
  • Weighing Machine Glass
  • Induction


Tempered automotive glass is highly effective in lowering impact-related breakage. In case the glass is hit by an external force, your safety will not be compromised as it shatters into small pieces. Tempered automotive glass is also durable and dramatically efficient in reducing noise and vibrations inside your vehicle. It also offers a clear vision for a comfortable riding experience. It’s sturdy, thick, and stable. Main automotive applications include:

  • Railways
  • Metros
  • Aircraft
  • Submarines


Glass is a durable, highly transparent material making it an obvious choice for solar energy applications. Our extra clear solar glass offers superior solar energy transmittance and is stable under solar radiation. It also survives harsh environmental conditions and protects the sensitive components of solar modules from water and humidity ingress. Available with added functionalities, such as transparent conductive coatings or anti-reflective coatings, our solar glass products not only offer durable transparent protection to solar panels but also become a functional component of solar modules.

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